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Best Keyword Research Software - Long Tail Keyword Pro/Platinum Reveiws And Coupons, Discounts

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First of all I should say Google Sniper is an Affiliate Marketing course.


What is long tail pro and long tail platinum?

You came here to know more about this software. I will look at you as a beginner and I will explain everything about it from basic. First of all long tail keyword tool is from Spencer Haws who is a great entrepreneur and a great man. He is one of my motivations too.

With my SEO experience we can use this keyword research software to find long tail keywords and check competition of keywords.

What are long tail keywords anyway?

Long tail keywords are longer phrases. Users search something really targeted and specific. Example “how to reduce pimples on shoulder”. I think you got the idea. So this keyword tool checks Google’s data bases come with long tail keywords. This software is a great long tail keyword generator.


What is keyword competition?

You need to check the possibility when you rank a keyword in Google. Long tail platinum goes to first 10 pages and checks their backlinks, domain authority, page authority, domain age etc. Then come back and say how difficult to rank for that keyword. Awesome right? Yes

What is the difference between Longtail pro and Platinum?

Long tail pro is the first version and they introduced the second version called Long Tail Platinum which is great version. Long tail pro price is only 97$ one time payment. Longtail Platinum 97$ one time payment + 17$ monthly payment.

Why I pay 17$ every month ?

If you have Long tail platinum you can calculate the keyword competition. Trust me guys. This is the MAGICAL option. I’m pretty sure you will fall-in love with this option too.

long tail platinum is calculating keyword competition

You can select your favorite keywords. That’s the other great feature. They stay with the software till you remove them from favorites.
It’s handy and time saving option. Because you can simply export them in to a Microsoft Excel file and start working on your project.

marked as a favorite keyword on long tail keyword tool

Auto-search and Track Rankings and custom calculations from keyword results are coming soon. That the different of these two versions. I love platinum version.

Long tail pro reviews

Actually I was giving a long tail pro or long tail Platinum review. But some people love to hear them straightly. Longtail keyword tool is a great weapon to hunt long tail keywords and calculate the completeness. Personally I use few tools when I do SEO for my clients and niche websites but this is one of my main keyword tools.

Google changes their algorithm continuously. They changed Google Keyword tool. They changed their name to Google Keyword Planner even. Because of all these changes many keyword research tools started stop working and can’t get keywords ideas from Google keyword planner.

Long tail pro platinum is the most efficient working keyword tool in the market now.

I think everyone know how important keyword research is. If you mess with it you will waste tone of time and money.

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One negative thought about it.

Everything about this software is great but sometimes Google keyword planner doesn’t sign in properly. Then it takes little bit longer to bring results. It’s not a big issue compare to good side of this tool. Because there is no any similar keyword research tools like this. I’m guarantee about that.

Long tail pro discount

Long tail pro platinum discount? YES I have a discount for you. 50% discount. That means you can buy it for 47$ instead of buying it for 97$. Not sure how long this will on the market. So Don’t miss it.

Something funny

It’s is very funny to see people search for long tail pro torrent or long tail pro download even. That’s illegible and it’s not going to work because these tools need to work with internet. Therefore system detect whether it is fake license or not.

Don’t hesitate to get long tail pro platinum people. Find long tail keywords and RANK them on first page of Google.

Contact me if you have any question about this handy keyword tool. Good Luck

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