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Sri lanka Best SEO Service and What a Specialist Can Do For Your Business

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Moz has gret information too.


I'm a SEO Specialist Sri Lanka but I'm not a copy writer and I don't work for a seo srilanka company. So bear with me, my writing is not 100% perfect. But I can give you great quality results on seo (yeah that's why you are here). By the way I'm pretty sure you love this nice blue color picture. Yes SEO can bring you more sales. To be honest it's little bit sad when it comes to SEO Sri Lanka situation. Because people are not aware of advantages of this special service but I'm happy because you are here because you might know the potential of right power of SEO (white hat - that means correct method)


What Is SEO (Simple explanation from a SEO Sri Lanka)

SEO standard for Search Engine Optimization (What the heck is that?). Imagine your business is repairing garage doors. Your website is That's where you sell; market your service on internet. People are searching garage door repairing, garage door repairing service, garage door repairing fast etc. These are called keywords which people use to search to get their garage door repaired.

The Google bring search results. 10 search results for each page. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is bringing your company website to first page on your business related keywords. That is the purpose of hire a SEO expert for your business. Make sense? I hope you do :)

If you are still confused watch this youtube video (thumbs up for this nice video anyway).

I'm a SEO Specialist Sri Lanka


When it comes to SEO there are ethical and unethical ways to bring your website in to first page. Obviously you have to do SEO in ethical way which is called white hat. If you do Search Engine Optimization in unethical way Google and other search engines will ban your website eventually. That's a nightmare.

Please note seo is not something like doing couple of months and stop it. To get better results you need to do it continuously, without forcing too much. You need to pay your seo service monthly basis.

I tried to give you an idea about SEO and how to do it. Because I hope it's easier to work together when you have a better idea about the subject.

I know you will love to see some results I have achieved. These results are from local (Sri Lanka) and international websites.

screen shot of seo ranking


health niche seo srilanka true ranking

This market is a high competitive market (I had to cover the url's details because people are really interested in SPAMING)

What I want to know to get your seo campaign started ?

I will promise that I will ask couple of questions without asking hundred confusing questions about your business.

you can send an email to

(Please note that I'm unable to give you my SEO service for Sri Lankan Tourist companies if you don't have at least Rs 50,000 monthly budget).

I'm in Germany now. Send me your inquries to or send me a message from Whatsup or Viber apps 0094772286269

or use Form (easy way). Thank you, Nimantha (SEO Specialist Sri Lanka) :)