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What I recommend for Hosting in Sri Lanka and what is the best hosting company today?

I know you guys are here to buy hosting and not to read something about it. That’s 100% right but I think it will be helpful for beginners if I can give some information about it.

You will find thousands of hosting companies on Internet. The truth is small companies buy hosting from big companies and sell with a profit. I do web designing and search engine optimization for more than 6 years now and trust me sometimes I had really hard time with hosting companies due to their poor service.

What you need to consider when you buy web hosting?

1. Servers up time (99.9%) – Your website has to be always online. Your web site doesn’t work if the hosting server crashes or goes down. Therefore this must be the main thing to consider when you buy web hosting.

2. Customer support – This is a must. It should easy to reach their customer support service and they could help you 24/7 if you have any issues with the hosting.

So what I recommend? One WORD guys!


Go with them guys. They are awesome. I’m using Hostgator for 4 years. No any technical issues with their web hosting service and they are cheap too.

I contacted them couple of times to enable some advance feature for my web development services. They are professional and they always would love to help their customers.